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2019 Xmas Special 1 - Stargate (Sega Game Gear)

December 22, 2019

What do we all think about when we think of Christmas? A bloke dressed up all fancy hurtling through the air at breakneck speed, of course. And it just so happens that's how Stargates work (what do you mean 'tenuous link'?).

Join us for the first of our festive treats, a surprise sprung on you like a sprout at a summer fayre, in which we discuss everything except Stargate, a puzzle game for the Game Gear because it is honestly just abominable. Awful. Think of the worst game you know and then forget that one and replace it with this. Honestly. Don't play it. But do listen to us discuss having played it. Especially if you want to know how Chris made his nana cry at Christmas.

So grab a mince pie and a pint of custard, snuggle into your favourite seat, and relax into the festive season with us.


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Music for this episode is by Stevia Sphere from the album Cell Division. You can find that and many more great tunes on their Bandcamp here:

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