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2019 Xmas Special 2 - Pokémon Red (Nintendo Game Boy)

December 29, 2019

It's Chrimbo Limbo, that annual lull between Christmas and New Year where you're so full of food, fizz and festive cheer that you might not want to move. Yes, you could play one of those spanking new games you were gifted, we wouldn't blame you. But why not spend an hour with us? Find your comfy chair and settle in for a cosy Christmas treat.

Our second Christmas special of 2019 sees Ashley take us back two whole decades with Pokémon Red for the Nintendo Game Boy, a grand RPG that barely fits into the confines of the tiny system. 

Expect to hear about the surreal means by which Ashley obtained Pokémon Crystal, the sneak's guide to finding your Christmas presents and how to get away with using them before the big day, and the staggering cost of obtaining a Shadowless Charizard trading card.

So grab a bowl of Christmas pudding and your favourite tipple, hunker down in front of the fire, and while away an hour of this inbetween time with us.

Ashley's present of Pokémon cross-stitch used patterns from Birdie Stitching at:

PS Chris is very sorry for defining the word 'dearth' incorrectly during the episode. Very, very sorry. Don't write in.


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