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Ep.10 - Leisure Suit Larry (PC)

February 13, 2020

If you already have plans for Valentine's Day 2020, cancel them now! Like a bolt from the blue delivered direct to your backsides, we've shifted our entire release schedule to bring you this Valentine's special. What better way to celebrate love than to listen to two grown men have an uncomfortable conversation about being hormone-addled teenagers, standing in their local Electronics Boutique, straining to subdue the lascivious urges driving them to reach for Leisure Suit Larry?

If that's not enough to tantalise you, get ready to hear as those same two grown men walk into every single sexual innuendo as if they'd been laid out like traps by Wile E Coyote himself. Or if your penchant isn't for punnery, perhaps we could entice you with talk of dating simulators, sexy dads, and bad boy games developers. All that packed into one little hour, just for you lot!


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Music for this episode is by Stevia Sphere from the album Cell Division. You can find that and many more great tunes on their Bandcamp here:

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