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Ep.6 - Burnin’ Rubber (Amstrad GX4000)

December 19, 2019

LISTENING NOTE: we had a 'technical difficulty' with this episode and the sound quality isn't what we'd like it to be. Normal service is resumed from the next episode onwards!

There's perhaps nothing better heading into the festive season than to reflect on failure. Huge, catastrophic failures that lead to the decline of large corporations but that fail to puncture the hubris of the wrinkly walnut who heads it all up. That's the backdrop for this week's episode, in which we discuss Burnin' Rubber, a decent driving game on a doomed console that tanked Amstrad's hardware business.

Over the course of our hour, we'll touch on the Philips CD-i, discuss the etymology of the word 'romp', display our complete lack of understanding of racing and share a far-too-detailed comparison of the price of many classic consoles. Plus the episode ends on a horribly tortured metaphor. Lots to look forward to!

So if the prospect of a happy Christmas is leaving you too jolly, come commiserate and wallow with us in the sweet, sweet muck that is failure.


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