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Ep.12 - Mickey Mania (Sega Mega Drive)

March 12, 2020

Welcome, gentle-folk, to the wonderful world of Disney on the Sega Mega Drive in the 1990s! It's a wonderful place to be, with lots of things to do.

This week, though, we're taking a jaunt through Mickey Mania, a beautiful rendition of the Disney art-style, and in a platforming game no less! It may not have been the first Disney title to capture their signature animation magic, but it's certainly one of the best!

As well as talking about the game at length, we take a detour into several other areas. Find out what other games were developed by Traveller's Tales, hear about Chris' competition spoils compared to Ashley's competition woes and listen to us talk about idle animations in platformers for far too long. Plus, Chris whips out another of his lists to irritate Ashley!


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Music for this episode is by Stevia Sphere from the album Cell Division. You can find that and many more great tunes on their Bandcamp here:

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