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Ep.7 - Transport Tycoon (PC)

January 9, 2020

Planes, trains, and automobiles! And boats. Oh, and hovercrafts and lorries. And canal boats? Is that right? Apparently it is! What? No automobiles? Are you serious? But we've already said that they're in it. What a joke.

Let's try this again: All the transport solutions you could possibly want (except cars), squeezed into an enjoyable management simulation. Start off with just a unicycle and a wicker basket, delivering bread for your local baker, and work your way up to become the sinister, all-pervading transport conglomeration we all wish we could be. That's what this game is!

As is tradition, Chris and Ashley amble their way through an hour of conversation that is at once rambling and incisive. Listen in this week for some deep cuts on the dark predilections of The Sims players in the olden days, lots of Rollercoaster Tycoon-based chat, why Chris should have been playing Railroad Tycoon instead of this, and precisely how tall the fence behind Ashley's childhood home was! Exciting, we know, and that's just a vertical slice of all the goodness in this episode!

If you want to give Transport Tycoon a bash, head on over to OpenTTD and fill your boots.

Apologies for Ashley's grump at the beginning. He says it's hard to deal with Chris' unrelenting upbeat positivity in a world rapidly falling into decay. Happy Thursday!


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