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Ep.101 - Xenon 2: Megablast (Sega Master System)

March 24, 2022

Have you ever wanted to blast your way through a flurry of protozoic lifeforms with little to no narrative reason for doing so? That's exactly what Chris and Ashley have been doing this week with the help of the Bitmap Brothers and their game, Xenon 2 for the Sega Master System. A fast-paced, chaotic take on the shoot'em up, the game apparently has the player leaping across epochs to thwart the destructive plans of the Xenites who, at least in the Master System version of the game, aren't really mentioned outside of the manual. But none of this is to say that the game can't be good, but is it? Listen in and find out!

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Music for this episode is by Stevia Sphere from the album Cell Division. You can find that and many more great tunes on their Bandcamp here:

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